NoteForge Solves Musical Problems.

What does that even mean?

Well, we do lots of things. Like create, produce, and publish music. And build applications for managing and distributing that music. And offer branding advice and consultation to independent musicians. We code programs like Hammer, Keys, Liszt, AudioAtlas, and ScoreShare to let musicians spend more time on their craft and less time on their business. We do a lot of arranging, transposing, and notation/engraving work. We record concerts and recitals and run sound reinforcement for live shows. We do all our own designing and host all of our own technology. We develop ways to safely prepare pianos, we figure out ways to control music with game controllers...

Oh. So you guys solve musical problems, then.

Yeah. We do.

NoteForge Applications

Liszt Logo Liszt RS is a rehearsal scheduling app. Liszt Pro does a lot more, including scheduling, invoicing, studio management, and document management.
AudioAtlas Logo AudioAtlas is a SoundMap application for use in acoustic ecology and soundscape studies. Based on the OpenStreetMap framework. (limited beta)
ScoreShare Logo ScoreShare is an app for sharing music by today's composers. Based on our own proven Hammer Opportunity Engine. (in development).