NoteForge Interactive

Making Things that Do Other Things


Interactive Applications

NoteForge is the sole developer of a growing number of interactive web solutions focusing on musician productivity. Most of these applications will be available through Liszt.




Liszt Musician Productivity
Ictus Rehearsal Scheduling Assistant
ScoreShare Personal Sheet Music Repository
CallsForScores Calls for Scores, better
AudioAtlas Global Soundmap
Encore Recital and Event Management



Interactive Performance Software

NoteForge creates and consults on interactive performance software for electronic concert music, in addition to our devotion to creating new music. Some examples of our work can be found over on NoteForge Projects, but here are some highlights.

David Ikard's Agua Eletronica
Color Tracking
Climate Data Sonification

Custom Interactive Solutions

Building on our proven successes with the Liszt platform and performance software, NoteForge is available to develop custom interactive solutions for a variety of purposes, from attendance tracking by magnetic stripe card or other means, to custom performance software.

Interested in our services? Contact us

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