Getting Started

The OU School of Music uses Liszt to track your recital attendance. Let's get started!


To sign into Liszt, you'll go to, and you'll click on the "Sign in with Microsoft" button. You'll enter your OU email credentials.


The first time you sign in, you'll have to grant Liszt permission to see your profile. And then you'll need to enter your OUID number.


There are three ways to get credit for an event at OU. The first is by swiping your ID card at one of the iMac terminals before and after a performance. If your swipe is successful, you should see a green circle and your name.


The second way is by logging into your account, selecting "time code checkin" in the menu, and entering in the 8-digit time code displayed on the iMac terminal. You'll need to do this before and after a performance.


The third way is by scanning the QR code displayed on the iMac terminal. This works best if you're already logged into Scan the QR code after the performance, and you're good to go!