An Event isn't showing up

Sometimes after a user attends an event, the event does not show up on the People tab or on the Portal.


An Event Attendance Record either has not been created for the event or has been created and invalidated.

Possible CAUSES

The event is not in the system, and was therefore not found by the credit algorithm.

The event is in the system but is not assigned to the appropriate location or event category.

The user did not check-in the appropriate number of times (1 or 2 depending on configuration).

The user checked in the appropriate number of times but outside of the check-in window.

The credit algorithm has not yet run.


The credit algorithm runs at approximately 5 am CST. Credit for the day's events will not appear prior to this time.

If no users are receiving credit, submit a ticket immediately.

Verify the student doesn't have an invalidated attendance record for the event. If so, change the validation status to Valid.

Verify the event is properly entered in Liszt. If the event was not properly entered and is edited after the credit algorithm, the users that checked in during that time will have their swipe records reset, and the credit will be assigned the next time the credit algorithm is run.

Verify the user checked in the appropriate number of times in the People tab.

Verify the user checked in at the appropriate time.


Credit may be assigned manually by creating an attendance record in `Events>Attendance`, selecting the student and event, and ensuring the status is set to Valid.

Allow user to verify attendance by paper means (program submission or other).