Logging In to the Liszt Portal

Liszt uses Microsoft Office 365 accounts for access control. The first time you log in to the portal, you'll have to register your account. It should be pretty straightforward. 

  1. Head over to your portal address. 
  2. You'll see a "Sign in with Office 365" button. Click it.
    Login Window
  3. The friendly Microsoft login screen comes up that you've probably seen a bunch. Log in. 
  4. You'll see a screen that asks if you want to give Liszt Portal access to read your profile. All the info Liszt needs is your name and some identifying numbers from Microsoft. 
    Permissions Window

Here's where it might get messy.

  1. If you have a unique name, Liszt will look up your name and attach your Microsoft account to Liszt. You'll see a quick page flash up with a bunch of text before you're returned to the login window. You're enrolled! Click the "Sign in with Office 365" button again to log in.
  2. If your name isn't unique, or you go by a different name, Liszt may have trouble finding you. 
  3. Liszt will ask for your institutional ID number. Click the green button and you're logged in. 
  4. If Liszt can't find you by your ID number or your name, it'll throw an error that tells you to submit a support ticket. Please do that sooner rather than later, to make sure that you can get access to your attendance credit. 

The next time you log into the portal, you'll click "Sign in through Office 365" and after logging in through Microsoft you'll be returned to the portal.