Swipecode Checkin with Liszt Portal

If timecode login is configured at the terminal, the Liszt Swipe terminal will also display a series of eight-digit codes that change every 30 seconds. In order to check in via smartphone, log into the Liszt Portal and click on "timecode login". You'll see an input field with the placeholder of "XXXX-XXXX" and a green button that says "Authenticate code". To check in or out, type the code displayed on the swipe terminal into the Time Code field on the Portal. You will see a green circle for successful check-ins, and a red circle for unsuccessful check-ins.

Due to the way the convocation algorithm is set up, it's possible to swipe your card at a terminal when signing in and to use the time code on your smartphone to check out. And vice-versa.

The time codes displayed on the swipe terminals are good only for a limited time, so make sure you use a code while it's displayed.