Creating and Managing Locations

In Liszt, Locations are representations of physical spaces that can be used as concert venues, classrooms, and offices. In some configurations, Locations can be used as specific calendars or collections of equipment. Events and equipment can be assigned to a specific Location.

Locations are found in `Settings>Locations`.

To create a new Location, click the New Location button. On the form that follows, you will be able to add the following fields:

Name: Location Name, Human Readable

Abbreviation: Location Abbreviation, if used (for example, CMC 128 instead of Choral Rehearsal Hall)

Enable Calendar: Checking this box allows the location to appear in the Calendars menu under `Events>Events`. Checking this box also allows the ICS Email Address to appear.

Calendar ICS Email Address: This email address receives messages, parses the ICS files attached to them, and adds those events to the location's calendar.

External ICS Files to Import: URLs added here can be parsed on a regular basis to sync calendars from an external service to Liszt. URLs must include HTTP or HTTPS and must be separated by a semicolon and no space, for example `;


Location/Venue ICS files and embeddable calendars are configured through `Settings>ICS File Generator` and `Settings>Iframe Calendar Generator`.