Creating and Managing Terminals

In Liszt, Terminals are login points that can be used to track attendance. Terminals can be physical devices, geolocation coordinates, or virtual terminals for pre-existing setups.

Terminals are found in `Settings>Terminals`.

To create a new Terminal, click the New Terminal button. On the form that follows, you will be able to add the following fields:

Name: Terminal Name, Human Readable.

Locations: The location(s) that the terminal is responsible for. This information is used by the Encore Credit Algorithm to look up events.

Latitude: Non-editable, filled in by ASSIGN GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION.

Longitude: Non-editable, filled in by ASSIGN GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION.

ASSIGN GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: The GET CURRENT LOCATION button uses the browser's geolocation feature to determine the current device's location. This position is used in the Geolocation Checking feature of the Portal.

Import Email Address: Some integrations require reports to be run elsewhere and then uploaded via email into Liszt for calculation. This automatically generated email address facilitates this process.

Hash: The Liszt-generated Hash shows up in some modules in Liszt and is noted here for reference purposes.