Inventory-Checking Out Lockers

Locker Checkouts can be found in `People>individual person record>Checkouts` tab or in `Inventory>Lockers`.

Checking out lockers requires the "Checkout Lockers" role in Liszt Permissions.

Possession or Access Checkouts

Liszt contains the ability to check out a locker to an individual exclusively (possession) or to a group that may need it regularly (access). Once an instrument is checked out as one category, it cannot be checked out as another category without first checking it in.

For example, if a locker is checked out to one person as Access, it can be checked out to a second as Access, but not as Possession. To check it out as a possession checkout, all access checkouts must first be checked in. 

People-based checkout

To create a new locker checkout by person record, navigate to the People module and select the appropriate person. When the individual record appears, click on the "Checkouts" tab. Click on New Locker Checkout, and the New Locker window will appear.

Locker-based checkout

To create a new locker checkout by instrument record, navigate to Inventory>Lockers. From the locker list, if a locker is available for checkout the row will contain a blue "Check Out" button to the right. Click this button, and the New Locker window will appear.

If a locker has been checked out as an access checkout, the "Check Out" button will continue to appear, and "Check In" buttons will appear to the right of the individuals with access. If an instrument has been checked out as a possession checkout, the "Check Out" button will disappear and a "Check In" button will appear in its place.

New Locker Window

Once at the New Locker Window, you will be able to edit the following fields:

Student: Name of student checking out instrument (populated from the People module).

Locker: Name of locker in inventory (populated by Inventory>Lockers). 

Checkout Type: Possession (single checkout) or Access (multiple checkout).

Comments: Comments regarding the checkout.

Date Assigned: Date the locker is assigned to the student (should auto-populate, if not, click the "Today" button).

Date Relinquished: Date the locker is checked in (auto-populates from Inventory>Locker Check-In procedure).

Checking In a Locker

From the Locker Inventory: Click the blue "Check In" button. The Locker check-in window will appear and disappear, and the inventory list will update.

From the People module: In the Checkouts tab, select the locker to be checked-in. In the Locker Checkout window that appears, click the "Today" button under "Date Relinquished". Save the record.