NoteForge Music

Fabricating Sound

NoteForge was started as a publisher of original music, and that is still the basis of everything we do. Our publishing, media, design, web, interactive, and research divisions are all supplemental to our original goal: Making good music.

Original Music Creation

Our primary form of artistic expression is the creation of traditional art music or concert music. Our catalog includes a wide range of compositions by our resident composer, Kyle Vanderburg. NoteForge and Kyle Vanderburg are always looking for new avenues of collaboration and musicians looking to commission new works.

Collaboration at KyleVanderburg.Com
Commissions at KyleVanderburg.Com

Original Music Sales

Copies of music published and administered by NoteForge may be found at J.W. Pepper, SheetMusicPlus, our own Gumroad store, and the composer's website.

Sound Design

Maybe concert music doesn't interest you. Perhaps you'd prefer something more commercial or something that serves as background music. Using the resources as our original music creation service, NoteForge can produce a sonic world fitted to your project.

For services involving recording or storing audio or other media, check out NoteForge Media.
For services involving publishing music, check out NoteForge Publishing.

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