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Five Pointless Haiku

Kyle Vanderburg ● Tenor and Piano ● 4:30

Program Note

Walter Jordan had started writing pointless haiku before we met in Oklahoma. I don't know what started that project, but once I found out about them I knew that I wanted—no, needed—to set some to music. It started as a part inside joke and part writing exercise, with two rules: The music had to be started and finished on the same day, and the music had to support the absurdity of the text. These five haiku are the first of a three-part cycle of five, seven, and five haiku. 

This short collection addresses the albatross, wildlife management, Southern culture, losing one's place, and telegrams. Well, kind of. Certainly not in the way that any reasonable person might expect.


Seven foot wingspan
Damn, you paid for the whole night
Albatross Lapdance

Too Much Dynamite
Raining snakes, literally
For miles. Montana!

In the south, we dance
Once a week, on both Sundays
With sweet potatoes

The very thought of...
Where was I? Oh yes, ahem.
The very thought of...

Mercurial STOP
Randomesque Telegram STOP
Shortened Phrases STOP



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