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Music by Austin Fitterer

Austin Fitterer, a self-described “explorer” of music, was born and raised in North Dakota. Originally a nurse by trade, Austin returned to academia at the age of 30 to study his lifelong passion of music. During that time, he expanded his understanding of theory, composition, and performance. Austin has mainly written music for voice and piano, but has also composed a few instrumental endeavors. His primary source of musical composition is inspired by poetry, prayer, prose, and phonology of the voice. Austin received his Bachelor of Arts in Music degree from North Dakota State University. He currently resides in New England and is obtaining a Masters of Music in Music Theory at University of Massachusetts Amherst. When he isn't studying or writing music, Austin enjoys role-playing games, logic puzzles, and extending his daily streak on the Duolingo app.

Sheet Music cover for Prayer of St. FrancisAustin Fitterer - Prayer of St. Francis$2.50 to $3.00
SATB Choir and Piano - 5:00

3-5 minutesAdvancedAltoBassChoirPianoSATB ChoirSopranoTenor