NoteForge Solves Musical Problems.

What does that even mean?

Well, we do lots of things. Like create, produce, and publish music. And build applications for managing and distributing that music. And offer branding advice and consultation to everyone from large organizations to independent musicians. We code programs like Liszt, Ictus, Encore, AudioAtlas, and ScoreShare to let musicians spend more time on their craft and less time on their business. We do a lot of arranging, transposing, and notation/engraving work. We record concerts and recitals and run sound reinforcement for live shows. We do all our own designing (print, web, and anything in between) and host all of our own technology. We develop ways to safely prepare pianos, we figure out ways to control music with game controllers...

Oh. So you guys solve musical problems, then.

Yeah. We do.

Our Solutions

Really Cool Stuff

Liszt Logo
Liszt, our flagship service, manages musicians. From individual performers and composers to university schools of music, Liszt can keep track of performance schedules, attendance requirements, equipment inventory, invoicing, studio management, document storage, and more. Liszt can integrate with existing swipe-card systems or can be configured to work with cellular geolocation to power automated recital attendance.

AudioAtlas Logo
AudioAtlas is a SoundMap application for use in acoustic ecology and soundscape studies. Based on the OpenStreetMap framework.
Ictus Logo
Ictus is a rehearsal scheduling utility that finds the best time to meet by analyzing participant's schedules.
ScoreShare Logo
ScoreShare is a composition repository and distribution system that allows composers to send their music quickly and simply.

Our Services

In addition to our proven technical solutions, NoteForge offers bespoke services to a select clientele. If you would like to know more about these services or what NoteForge can do for you, please contact us.


NoteForge is first and foremost a music creation enterprise, composing and performing original art and concert music for a variety of audiences, designing soundscapes, creating and developing collaborative performance opportunities, and inhabiting new and different sonic territories.


NoteForge has significant experience as a music publisher with additional expertise with distribution of traditional and interactive media.


NoteForge excels at designing everything from simple logos to entire brands, with an emphasis on integrated experiences.


NoteForge creates a wide variety of web experiences, from small websites for professional musicians to custom applications for schools of music.


NoteForge offers services in recital and concert recording, sound reinforcement, media transcoding, and audio storage.


NoteForge produces new and exciting performance technology and realtime audio processing software solutions for electroacoustic musicians.


NoteForge builds a lot of things that don't fit into other categories. Sometimes we just like to get our hands dirty and try not to blow things up.

Our Clients

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