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Foi dans l'aleatoire

Kyle Vanderburg ● Flute and Piano ● 4:30

Program Note

Foi dans l'aleatoire is what emerged after I was asked to write a French conservatory-inspired work. Largely utilizing an octatonic scale, it is written in a binary form. The piece is written in several different time signatures, creating an overly uneasy feel, hence the English translation of the work to "Faith in Randomness." The "A" Section starts with longer notes in the flute, and 32nd-note runs in the piano, creating a nervous anxiety that continues to the transition into the "B" section. The "B" section is significantly faster than the beginning section, and expresses a mix of emotions ranging from anger to frustration to despair, and finally to hope. The transitions in this section are generally jarring, enforcing the theme of randomness in this piece.



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