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Sheet Music cover for and the Leaves of Falling DarknessKyle Vanderburg - and the Leaves of Falling Darkness$20.00 to $23.00
Violin, Clarinet, and Piano - 8:00

7-9 minutesAdvancedChamber MusicClarinetPianoTrioViolin
Sheet Music cover for DriftKyle Vanderburg - Drift$10.00 to $45.00
Two Bass Clarinets and Piano - 4:00

3-5 minutesBass ClarinetChamber MusicIntermediatePianoTrio
Sheet Music cover for EarmarksKyle Vanderburg - Earmarks$20.00 to $25.00
Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Piano - 15:00

15-20 minutesAdvancedAlto SaxophoneChamber MusicClarinetPianoTrio
Sheet Music cover for Letters to the Poetry EditorKyle Vanderburg - Letters to the Poetry Editor$15.00
Tenor, Clarinet, and Piano - 10:30

9-11 minutesChamber MusicClarinetIntermediatePianoTenorTextTrioVocal
Sheet Music cover for Over Every Open FieldKyle Vanderburg - Over Every Open Field$17.00 to $20.00
Piano Trio (flute, clarinet, piano) - 5:00

5-7 minutesChamber MusicClarinetFluteIntermediatePianoTrio