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NoteForge is a publishing house, software developer, and musical workshop which offers bespoke musical and technical services to a select clientèle.

Our Tools

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Liszt manages musicians, from individual performers and composers to university schools of music, and all their stuff.

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AudioAtlas is a SoundMap application for use in acoustic ecology and soundscape studies. Based on the Leaflet framework. Development.

Ictus Logo
Ictus is a rehearsal scheduling utility that finds the best time to meet by analyzing participant's schedules.

ScoreShare Logo
ScoreShare is a composition repository and distribution system that allows composers to send their music quickly and simply.

NoteForge Play Logo
NoteForge Play is a web-based audio player that provides audio playback capabilities to Liszt, ScoreShare, and AudioAtlas.

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NoteForge Pay delivers payment processing integration for Liszt, other NoteForge properties, and Musicians.

Our Clients

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