Liszt: cloud-based music administration

Liszt is a family of web apps and systems for musicians, built with the underlying idea that time is better spent making music than planning to make music.

What's it do?



Liszt is an all-in-one scheduling solution whether you have one concert hall or many. Its calendaring engine is custom-built for recitals and concerts, with options for scheduling personnel, tracking attendance, uploading files, and more.


Liszt can handle multiple aspects of the concert and recital process, including automated reminder emails, printed program submission, CD cover generation, ICS file export, student worker assignments, and more.


Liszt can be configured for tracking student recital attendance, either through a manual data entry method or through a customized student ID card swipe system, QR codes, or a variety of other means.


Liszt provides robust reports for concert data and recital attendance, tracking individual student attendance, popularity of events, trends in attendance, compiling end-of-year reports, and more.

The Liszt Family

Liszt Logo
Liszt is an application for music organizations that powers the rest of our projects. It does a lot of things, including recital management, attendance tracking, invoicing, studio management, and document storage.
Ictus Logo
Ictus is a rehearsal and meeting scheduling utility that finds the best time to meet by analyzing participant's schedules. Added bonus: Also supports importing Google Calendar.
ScoreShare Logo
For Composers: ScoreShare is a personal composition repository and distribution system that allows today's composers to send their music quickly and simply. Based on the proven NoteForge Hammer Opportunity Engine.
AudioAtlas Logo
For Sound Artists: AudioAtlas is a SoundMap application for use in acoustic ecology and soundscape studies. Based on the OpenStreetMap framework, it allows Liszt account holders to display locations where sounds were recorded.

And another thing...

It's cloud-based

Liszt is built entirely in the cloud, utilizing services from top cloud service providers across the world, which results in superb uptime and scalability

It's backed up regularly

Liszt backs up on-site and off-site daily, so your data is safe and secure across several backups, across the planet.

It's reliable

Liszt has been running since 2007, and has managed thousands of pages, documents, and events for NoteForge. We're quite happy with it.


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