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Music by Zachary C. Daniels

Zachary C Daniels is a Mexican-American composer, conductor, and sound artist currently residing in Oklahoma City with his wife Ashlie. He earned his DMA in Composition in 2019 from the University of Oklahoma School of Music where he served as composition area GA, running the composition department's events, day-to-day activities, and more for 5 years. His compositions are energetic, imaginitive, and cinematic in nature - he is a symphonist, a student of minimalism, and known to his experimentalism. Works such as Service, Please! or Nocturne for Dice have been performed at national conferences, while pieces such as Time Will Decide for Wind Ensemble have won regional awards. Invited lectures have included work on extended flute techniques, his upcoming book, Polyphinite, and his work on the Davidovsky Synchronisms modernization project. Dr. Daniels currently teaches Music Theory at Oklahoma City University, and Oklahoma City Community College. He teaches composition privately and at local colleges and universities, and is a regular guest clinician for orchestras of all levels across the region. Daniels is an expressive and energetic conductor, giving empassioned performances of his own work as well as concert hall mainstays. He has worked with artists such as Kyle Dillingham, Tess Remy-Schumaker, Lucas Ross, David Hays, and many young artists in a variety of settings including the Oklahoma premiere of Grazyna Bacewitz's Piano Concerto, and the world premiere of Ed Knight's Flickering Fiddle and Kyle Dillingham's Homa. Zach currently conducts the Oklahoma Community Orchestra, and directs the OCCC String Ensemble.

Sheet Music cover for LullabyZachary C. Daniels - Lullaby$10.00 to $15.00
Cello and Piano - 5:00

3-5 minutesCelloChamber MusicDuetPiano
Sheet Music cover for Taking FlightZachary C. Daniels - Taking Flight$15.00 to $20.00
Bassoon Quartet - 3:00

3-5 minutesBassoonChamber MusicIntermediate