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Taking Flight

Zachary C. Daniels ● Bassoon Quartet ●

Program Note

Taking Flight by Zachary Daniels draws its inspiration from the daring and pioneering spirit of the Wright Brothers, whose historic achievements in aviation marked the beginning of human flight. This composition for bassoon quartet mirrors the blend of innovation and determination that powered their journey into the skies.

Throughout the piece, listeners will experience the thrill of ascension, the steadiness of flight, and the inevitable descent, paralleling the stages of an early flight. The work opens with a sense of anticipation and buildup, reminiscent of the preparations and tension before takeoff. As the music takes flight, the themes become airy and expansive, capturing the awe and freedom of soaring above the earth.

The interplay between the bassoons reflects the collaborative effort of the Wright Brothers, with each instrument playing a crucial role in the musical narrative, much like the components of the early flying machines. The harmonies are intricate and evolving, suggesting the constant adjustments and innovations that were essential to early aviation successes.


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