Sign In by Geolocation

To sign in via Geolocation, you will need an internet capable mobile device such as a phone or tablet. Geolocation logins between 30 minutes prior to the event start time and five minutes after the event start time will count towards the event (unless your school has decided to use alternate timings.)

To start, sign in to your Liszt Portal address, which is either a custom domain for your school, or an address such as 

Once logged in, click the left menu option for "Geolocation Check-in". If you do not have this option, press the menu button to make the menu appear. 

You will be presented with a dark red button that says "Search for login terminals". Pressing this button will cause your device to ask for permission for Liszt to access your location and use it to compute nearby login locations. 

If login locations are found, tap the green button corresponding to the location you would like to sign in to. If successful, a green circle will appear briefly. If unsuccessful, a red circle will appear.

Your school may require single-swipes or double-swipes per login location, and this information is shown on the login location button. If you are signing in to a single-swipe location, you should sign in before the event. If you are signing in to a double-swipe location, you should sign in before AND after the event for the Algorithm to properly process your swipes.