Assigning Swipe-based Liszt Terminals


  1. Swipe-based terminals require a computer connected to the internet.

  2. Navigate the browser to

  3. If the computer has been set up before, skip to Maintenance and Revocation.

  4. If the computer has not been set up before, you will encounter the Liszt Login Screen.

  5. Log into Liszt with your Office365 account.

  6. You will encounter a Site Selection Screen such as this:
    Swipe Setup 1

  7. Click the site whose terminals you would like to assign.

  8. You will encounter a list of your available terminals, such as this: 
    Swipe Setup 2

  9. Click the row of the terminal you want to assign to this device. It will turn green like so: 
    Swipe Setup 3

  10. Click Return to Swipe Screen to return to the Swipe Screen. 

  11. Set up the computer to open the browser to on boot. 

  12. Schedule the computer for nightly restarts. 

Maintenance and Revocation 

  1. Click the Gear icon next to the Terminal Name in the upper right-hand corner.
    Swipe Setup4 

  2. Follow steps 5-9 of Setup. 

  3. To revoke the Terminal, press Revoke this terminal